5 Things We've Learned About The Booming Essential Oils Business

Become an expert on essential oils, wellness, and the Young Living lifestyle. Most of us wouldn't be doing this business if we had to buy products and cart them from house to house like the Avon lady. I'm all for people doing full research before trying out a product or a company. Some people even bought the oils. In my experience (spending months on a facebook group with literally thousands of distributors, many of which were very high level), YL absolutely DOES push their product.

I know this because I see Young Living oils change the lives of countless families each and everyday now. Plus, within the first month of having my essential oils, I made an extra $160 (which paid for my kit) and I thought, hey, this is real… this is pretty awesome”.

I cannot honestly begin to share my full knowledge of essential oils until after the six months mentioned in the clause of the membership agreement. The regularly outrageous claims made by some essential oil companies and distributors is not only misleading but wrongfully preys upon desperate people.

You focus on sharing and educating, while Young Living sends out products to members for you. Young Living is now the only company with FDA approved essential oils. I have looked at many websites for selling essential oils online (yours was the first) and I keep coming back to your page.

Generally, I've seen that Florihana oils (made in France), Edens Garden, and several others have great 3rd party tests, are available at less cost and directly from the non-MLM companies. This person was the one who got me interested in essential oils so I do have to give her the credit for that and that was why I thought I'd try the oils she was using.

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When you join with my team, I'll show you EVERYTHING you need to start your business and teach others. But I always find it amusing that they can't readily admit that their products Young Living and company has flaws like any company does. We offer our space to build your business and to hold events promoting Young Living Products.

Now through OCT 21, get a 400+ page resource guide AND a $20 Amazon Gift Card when you grab any Premium Starter Kit. We refer our favorite products to our friends and family ALL THE TIME. Like I stated in the last paragraph, the majority of Young Living members aren't business builders, they are product users just looking for a wholesale price on the products they use every day.

You may have based your decision against Young Living on hurt feelings from your friend and your upline, and a completely rare poor customer service experience, but those things have nothing to do with the purity of their oils. Five things to keep in mind about people that will help you ingnite your Young Living business.

When I got the starter kit, I fell in love with the oils. I use the oils all the time, around my friends and family, from my heart. If you want to earn part of the 54.5% which Young Living pays as commissions, then you need to build a large team. My kit arrived and I immediately started diffusing Valor (which at the time came in the kit.) Next thing I knew, I was ordering more oils and had friends begging to help them get their hands on the oils too.

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